Why Us

Each of our projects is developed by the designers and programmers of NodaGroup with individual attention to detail and a personal touch. We do not use templates or other pre-built solutions, preferring to customize our projects exactly to your needs

When designing and developing web applications and sites we work based on the subject area. This ensures that:

  It is possible to describe logical interactions between domain objects
  It is possible to have more flexibly in changing the logic of the application or the resources
  Display logic, data management, and business logic are kept separated from each other
  You will have clean code
  There will be minimal load on the servers and faster work resources
  The code will be proprietary with high security
  None of the limitations on functionality that you encounter with pre-built CMS
will occur
  You will enjoy a simple and intuitive user content control panel that out-performs the content management of templated CMS



We avoid pre-built CMS solutions because:

  Subject fields are limited to those objects which are provided in the CMS
  The application’s logic is defined by CMS developers and changes can be problematic
  Excessive universality in the coding (without which CMS would be pointless) leads to excessive issues with functionality
  There is a huge amount of redundant code, generating load on the server
  It avoids the key shortcoming of popular CMS solutions whose openness and accessibility are often exploited. Open source allows anyone to see how the system is arranged, detect a weakness or vulnerability in the code, and exploit system errors. After this, no one can stop an attacker taking advantage of the available holes for their own purposes
  An ordinary content management administrator should be possible to delve into the structure and content management panel logic. This is too often a daunting task for the average user and requires the intervention of specialists from an agency. This doesn’t match the philosophy of NodaGroup and our content management system, which we want to be accessible to all of our users