Pay Per Click Management
To accompany PPC, there is Display Advertising which runs on its own logic. Display ads are image based ads that appear on various sites related to your company. Payment is made not for clicks to your site but for the number of impressions generated by each ad. This clearly and visually makes your offers understandable to potential customers and will only be displayed on those sites where people people are looking for related products. Increase your sales and cover an even larger percentage of potential customers.

Nodagroup helps its customers in the creation of high-quality advertising campaigns. When PPC and Display Advertising are set-up competently from the beginning, brand new sites will function confidently and bring their owners immediate success and profit.
We have all seen the advertisements at the top of search results when looking for products online. They appear above the “natural” results and are often discreetly marked as Ads. This is a convenient and effective means of exposure, particularly for young sites that have not gained prominence in the organic results. With Pay Per Click management our clients are able to receive real customer transactions from the very first days of their site. Effective advertising can be visible immediately after launch.

Pay Per Click advertising is very transparent in terms of payment, because you pay only for actual clicks on an ad—real interactions with the site. To maximize your ROI and avoid wasted advertising dollars, NodaGroup specialists ensure that your ads are seen only by people who really need your products and services. We configure based on a number of critical criteria: time of display, frequency of display, region, gender, and age. We pay special attention to the keywords which trigger your ads and excluded based on carefully researched negative keywords.