Remarketing / Search Retargeting
Analysis is performed on a user’s search, and advertisments for your products or services are only shown to those who are interested at the moment. This pushes potential buyers back to your site and encourages them to perform the desired action. With dynamic remarketing, a visitor to your site in the Google Display Network recognizes the ad as a commodity that he was interested in before. These  huge opportunities and challenges require an effective remarketing company. NodaGroup can implement remarkerting on the Google advertising network and Facebook.
Remarketing is a powerful tool to return customers to your website. The process targets display advertising audiences that were previously on the site but left before completing a target action whether it be a purchase, service order, or a subscription to a blog.

The benefits of remarketing are:

Return customers interested in your product
Increase conversion of targeted actions
Gain new communication with the target audience
Increase sales
Create brand promotion
Increase the ROI of advertising investments