Web Push Notifications
How does it work?

On your site the user is invited to subscribe to a notification dialog box where they provide consent. The notification consists of a header text, icons, and domain name of the sender site. Clicking on the notification, the user is taken to a predetermined target page sender. PUSH notification service is a relatively new distribution system and conversion of subscriptions to PUSH is several times higher than e-mail newsletters. Google Chrome browser (Windows, MacOS, Android) and Safari (MacOS), all support PUSH notifications.

This is a wonderful opportunity to bring the client back to your site and encourage them to take action. This service is suitable for all regardless of whether you provide a service, sell a product, or run a blog.
Instantly send short messages from your site visitors.
Have subscribers learn about promotions or important events on a computer, tablet, or smartphone even if the browser is closed in the device.
Send personal messages to registered users.
Create effective views.
Organize mass mailings.

So what are PUSH notifications?

These are short instant messages from your application to your site subscribers. Customers can receive the notification on their desktop, tablet, or smartphone. PUSH notifications cannot be missed: notification from your website instantly appears on the subscriber’s desktop even if they have closed the browser. PUSH notifications are are ideal opportunity to inform customers about promotions, important news, or events.