Tracking & Analytics
Furthermore, you need to go to the traffic source. How do potential clients come to your site? This can be through a variety of search engines, by clicking on your post on social networks, a direct transition to the website, or a transition from paid advertising. All this information will help you understand what sources of promotion lead to more visitors and will help you compare and identify the source of better quality traffic.

Using the analytic tools of NodaGroup you will learn how much your customers like content on your site and on which pages they commit to a desired action. We will identify which pages are successful and which require editing or corrections. Analytics and tracking is a crucial service that saves time and
Analytics is one of the most important regulatory functions of any business. With effective analytics you can properly distribute investments in the development of your projects on the internet.

Just imagine logging into your site control panel and being able to see how many people came to the site through a new advertisement that you posted a couple of hours ago. Or how many sales last month came from transactions from advertisements versus transactions from social networs or direct visitors. Or which pages on the site collect the largest number of subscribers. Analytics will help you understand who is reading your site, how they found it, and which pages of your site are most popular.

For the proper promotion of your business you need to know your audience: who has already visited your site and how do they break down geographically and demographically, amongst a multitude of other factors. Knowing this information it becomes clear, for example, whether to adjust the current content and which nuances to consider when adding a new product or service.