User Experience Design
Over the course of these studies, we account for differences in customer background such as age, gender, and relative familiarity with the internet.

Our research becomes as precise as possible and after analyzing the results we can safely work to improve your project. We make changes that will contribute to a greater predisposition of customers to visit and use your site and thus to contribute to your increased profits.
User Experience (UX) analysis encompasses a complex set of measures intended to improve web-related projects’ ability to convert visitors into long-term customers. According to studies, half a minute interaction with a site is enough for a person to decide whether to purchase a product or service or leave completely. UX analysis identifies the strengths and weaknesses of site design and functionality in an effort to retain such customers. NodaGroup UX specialists analyze based on many criteria and make adjustments as needed to the website.

During the UX analysis, NodaGroup conducts in-depth research on the basis of a prototype website. As a result, we have information on more than a hundred factors about user behaviour on the site. This includes: time spent by customers on the site; ease of navigation and retrieval of information; logical arrangement of elements; intuitive understanding of structure; potential discomfort or problems when using the site.