Search Engine Optimization
External optimization can be equally important in indexing and promoting your website at the top of search engines. This includes: external resource site citations, registration in the search engine directories, link exchanges with external resources, placing links to your site on social networks, and much more.

Most of the factors that draw the attention of the search engines have already been taken into account in the code of the websites developed by Nodagroup. This eliminates the need for a site administrator to monitor them and significantly speeds up the work of filling in site content.

Natural site indexing and delivery at the top of search engines takes some time and depends on the subject matter and the semantic core of the site. It is possible, using Pay Per Click Management & Display Advertising, to attract actual customers to your site from the first days of a project and begin making a profit.
SEO involves the internal and external optimization of websites and aims at improving their position in search results for selected queries. The higher your site appears on Google and other search engines, the more potential customers will visit and drive profits.

When indexing sites, search engines take into account a large number of factors. These include:

Density of keywords in the text
Unique content
The frequency of new content updates
Competent tagging of header text
Required title and meta tags descriptors
Adaptation of images on the site for SEO
Technical files for the search engines
CNC (human-friendly page names)