How We Do It

Project Scope

Our first step in initiating a new web project for you is to define and articulate basic ideas and background. What resources do you need? What are the main tasks and outcomes you are considering?

At this stage, we form a general idea of your company, its line of business, target audience, and products and services. This information is crucial to building a competent online project plan for you: on the basis of this information we define the total scope of activities, the method by which we will supply you results, and the general orientation of our team as we undertake your requirements.

User Experience Analysis

Upon request, we will perform a User Experience (UX) analysis of an existing or in-development website. A UX study is an in-depth look at how different potential users will react to your site to help make the interface as informative, understandable, and convenient as possible for real customers. We account for different ages, personal backgrounds, web experience, and device types in analyzing UX.

The result of the research is more than a hundred factors that affect customer conversion to specific tasks on the site such as calling to make an order or signing up for more information.  NodaGroup designers and developers take these results to help build a project that maximizes success and profitability.

Technical Specifications and Design Prototyping

Initially created in conjunction with the client or provided separately, the technical specifications provide the frame of reference for understanding the project. The terms give the customer the opportunity, in writing and schematic outline, to see and understand all of the things he wants to get as a result of development. It is important not to miss any details as the development takes place entirely within terms of reference provided by the technical specs. Based on these agreed terms, NodaGroup specialists develop prototypes of the upcoming project.

Prototyping is a schematic representation of the visual structure of web-project. It helps to fine tune the structure and resources to achieve complete understanding and satisfaction for the client. Finished prototypes are provided to the customer for discussion and final adjustments are made where necessary.

A well-formed specification and prototyping process helps to capture all details and ensure the web-project completely satisfys  all requirements and expectations of the client. 

Design development

At this point, our designers create a complete design for the customer, taking into account the agreed upon business scope, technical specifications, and prototypes developed during the initial stages. Our predetermined plan ensures an adaptive design that is consistently convenient and intuitive for the user.

All pages will render seamlessly in every device, whether mobile phone, tablet, laptop or wide-screen monitor. Once the website is ready we provide it to the customer for approval and make any last adjustments to the design as required.

Layout and Programming

Our layout and programming is completely custom and does not rely on templates or other premade solutions. We begin the layout from scratch and consider a range of factors in optimizing it, ranging from site loading speed to display rendering in different browsers. Adapability to differet screen types in multiple devices is a primary concern, particularly the layout variant that must be optimized for mobile.

All of this work is undertaken by professional coders that meet the international requirements of W3C.

After layout, programming begins and at Noda our approach covers everything. Forget the templates or cookie cutter features you’ve seen elsewhere: the functionality we can program into your website is limited only by your imagination and the logic of code. Our programmers work will give you a well-oiled, well-functioning site that will perform all necessary functions and provide the bedrock of your online business presence.

Content Management System

Our content management system (CMS) is a proprietary NodaGroup tool that will surprise and impress you. This easy and intuitive adminstrative panel outperforms any you’ll have seen in the marketplace. Edit content, add videos, tables, new pages and more with a few clicks of the button. The basic philosophy of our CMS is that a website owner should be able to change anything he or she sees on the site. There are no complex pathways, hard to understand technical terms, or unclear sections that will hinder web editing.

Best of all, you will never need to employ a separate specialist to manage and maintain your site. Absolutely any company employee with basic computer skills will be able to use and understand the CMS admin panel, saving you thousands in management fees over the lifetime of the site.

Optionally, our CMS will compile and formulate statistics of your web resources. We can process and distribute customer data, analyze paid and organic search campaigns, maintain SMS alert systems and much more.

Like the rest of your website, the CMS is itself customizable. If in using the admin panel you have suggestions that will help you in your work then feel free to talk about them. The resource is created individually for each customer and we will be happy to improve it for your convience and work efficiency.

Quality Assurance

After completing all of the initial development steps your web-ready resource is subject to rigorous quality assurance testing. The QA’s job is to check whether all technical functions match their task and that design prototypes and mockups have been adhered to. The web design is tested on a variety of criteria, including compatability with modern browsers and systems and funcitionality and performance of the content management system.

After passing all of these stages, NodaGroup can confidently give the customer the completed project with the assurance that users will not have any problem using and maintaining the site.

Content Filling

After successful completion of the development process, the main sections of the site are filled with information provided by the customer and ongoing content updates become their responsibility. Upon request, if the customer does not have the time or an employee who can manage the site and provide content updates then NodaGroup specialists may take on this administration. Our team can help to promptly fill resource information as needed and manage the site into the future.

Project Delivery

The final stage involves the delivery of a fully completed web project to the customer. You will be given complete access to the website and content  at this point. For future convenience and to avoid any problems NodaGroup will provide you full instruction in the CMS functionality and all of the details for your future reference. This instruction is crucial and will guide you if you have a few managers or administrators that plan to work on your site. On request, we may train